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EYFS Derwent and Ennerdale


Teaching and learning in Derwent and Ennerdale class – Spring Term 1


This half term our topic is Dinosaurs. We will be reading lots of Dinosaur stories and learning about how and when the Dinosaurs lived on earth.  We will be using our Dinosaur cave role play area to recreate a dinosaur world. We are also looking forward to making our own dinosaur fossils. We will be talking about what fossils are. We will investigate and observe changes by trying to free the dinosaurs from the frozen dinosaur eggs. We will investigate the best way to get the dinosaur out and observe what happens at different points. We will talk about changes that have happened in the world and things that were different when our parents will younger.


We’re looking forward to taking part in our whole school creative week where we will be focussing on the theme of Africa. We will be recreating African art, creating African music using the school Djembe drums and making up African dances.


In maths we will be using objects to add by combining 2 groups and counting a total. We will also continue to recognise numbers to 20 and order numbers to 20. In shape we will begin to name and describe 2D and 3D shapes. We will use 2D shapes to make dinosaur pictures.

Derwent will be working on counting and matching numeral to quantity alongside ordering numbers within 10. We will be using everyday language to describe shapes that we can see around the classroom and in our school.


In Literacy we will be looking at rhyming words. We will be matching rhyming words and creating rhyming strings. We will also be using our phonics to write CVC words and beginning to write sentences by splitting up the individual words.

Derwent will be working on giving meanings to their marks. They will also be doing lots of practise to write their names. They will be listening for initial sounds in words and beginning to find words that have the same initial sounds. We will be focussing on the sounds S A T P I N


Derwent will be taking part in lots of gross and fine motor control activities to build up our hand strength for our writing.


Help At Home:

You can help us at home in lots of ways. Don’t forget to read our reading books wit us and practise our Key words.

Ennerdale need to practise their Big Maths Learn Its:

Double 1 is 2,2,2

Double 2 is 4,4,4

Double 3 is 6,6,6

Double 4 is 8,8,8

Double 5 is 10,10,10


Derwent need to work on recognising numbers to 10. They also need to practise counting to 10.



On the 1st December we had a very exciting visitor. We walked into our classroom to find a BIG MESS!!! Someone had tipped all of our toys out and thrown them around the classroom. We looked for clues to find out what had happened and eventually found an Elf hidden in the classroom. He was called Dash McSparkle and had a letter from Santa asking us to teach him how to be a nice elf.

He did lots of silly things every night. He painted all over one of our displays, knocked over our Christmas tree, hid all of our home corner things, threw toilet paper all over the toilet and kidnapped Ben Bear (our class bear). We talked about the things that he did and explained how they made us feel and what he could do to be nicer.


In the end he tried hard to make friends with the other toys and brought us treats for Christmas. He went back to Santa just before Christmas. We hope he’s being a kind Elf!


Autumn 2

This half term our topic will be traditional tales. We will be looking at Goldilocks and the 3 bears, The 3 little pigs, the 3 Billy goats gruff and

We will be reading the stories and retelling them in lots of different ways.


In maths we will be working on recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We will be using the language to more, less and same to compare 2 groups of objects. We will be doing lots of measuring and comparing the size of objects.


In literacy we will be using our phonics to do some super writing. We will be listening for initial and final sounds in words and using this to write a letter from Goldilocks, a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf and describing words for the troll from the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We will be doing lots of work to make sure we are holding our pencils properly and forming our letters correctly.

In Song of Sounds (Phonics) we will be working on S A T P I N M D O G C K


At the end of the half term will be getting read for Christmas, learning about the first Christmas, writing letters to Santa and making Christmas crafts. We will also be spending lots of time practising our Christmas Play which this year is called Mary’s Knitting.













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